Shamoon Abbasi Breaks His Silence Days After Humaima Called Her First Marriage ‘Abusive’!

Singer-actor Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of domestic abuse by wife Fatema Sohail through a Facebook post that quickly caught fire spreading all over social media. She attached pictures of her bruised self as evidence of Mohsin’s violent behavior towards her. Several celebrities supported her condemning such brutality against women. One such star was Humaima Malik who not only supported her but confirmed the allegations Fatema placed on Mohsin to be absolutely true.

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But this wasn’t all Humaima said, after she tweeted expressing her sympathies for Fatema, she revealed her own abuse story claiming to have gone through 3 years of ‘abusive marriage’ which was her first with actor/director Shamoon Abbasi, a few days after.

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Shamoon Abbasi was quick to address the misinterpretations that were created by her allegations which he completely denied, saying that he and his ex-wife have been on friendly terms after the divorce.

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Here’s What He Had To Say:

Salam every one,

Went through the news about the confusion between me and my ex wife humaima Malick and sort of shocked to see the miss interpretation that is created by her status shared recently..

Me and humaima have been good friends even after our divorce and always respected eachother in general, and in public places.. Even joked about things we shared in the past..

Humaima has now mashallah grown into a big name in this country and abroad and I always felt good to see that she is now happy doing what she wanted while making her name in the industry,

She was my wife not a girl friend she was in my nikah so I always respected her and her family and had great moments with them..

Now this confusion is really concerning because its been more than 5 years we parted away from eachothers lives and yes every couple have their own views about how to work and make a name and money in the process..

May be we didn’t agree on few points and argued a few times.. But it doesn’t mean we ever wanted to hurt eachother to that extend..Once we parted away she had the entire world to conquer and I knew she will, I always thot May be I was not good enuff for her career, tho I tried to help as much as I could.. And always hoped she gets married to the person that is better for her

I am not perfect and no body is for everyone I know that

In her comment she also mentioned her other relationships
(in which every one is allowed to have after the marriage is over offcourse..)

She spent 7 years of some kind of painful treatment and i am feeling sad as I wanted to see her happy in her life honestly.. And she knows that, because everytime we talk we exchange prayers for eachother, not sure why this entire matter has suddenly gone into trouble zones

I was only married to her for 3 years!but her other relationships may had a different scenario than mine,, I have no clue but I am happy to say that we still talk to each other,

infact a couple of months back she even called me and wanted to start a joint venture (a film) together but I was busy in my schedules and told her that we can do something next year inshallah,

and she agreed we even talked about family and how she is doing and, all which explains that she was always OK with us being in touch rarely and politely.

She and My siblings are still in touch with the entire family humaima also visits my mom now and then So in my view everything was preety decent and low key we never had any sort of arguments after seperating..

We met at many gatherings in these past years and many of the present people there, will second me on the part where me and her always met like old friends and still kept a respectful distance and attitude

Lastly I would like to pray for Humaima and her family’s success and hope this confusion goes away for both of us.. And our families.. We worked hard to reach where we are, yes and I think these matters are always domestic matters and should be dealt with care and not bring them to broad day light..
As they put both parties into a dirty place on social media

I am thankfull to every one who was concerned about this matter it surely shows that they care!

Stay blessed every one!

Help me share this status so it reaches to the concern people in good faith

*Please refrain from commenting anything against her on this post! this is based on friendly approach not a social media fight or comparison*

Thank you all for your patience I know its not a very entertaining status but this post was needed!

Shamoon took a different approach to his response. Unlike others, he didn’t throw any dirt on Humaima or on her character in order to prove his innocence. However, one simply cannot play the judge and decide who is right or wrong based on statements alone. “Innocent until proven guilty”, right?

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