60-Year-Old Stuntman Sultan Golden Claims His Wife Is 19, Not 12 & This NOT Ok!

Pakistani Stuntman Sultan 60 wife 12

Renowned Pakistani car and motorcycle stuntman Sultan Mohammad Golden of age 60 has claimed that his wife was 19-year-old and not 12 as was being asserted. The 60-year-old Pakistani stuntman lands in hot waters after he illegitimately married a 12-year-old minor.

Local media reported that that father of the girl, Samreen Sahar, had concealed her school certificate and vaccination card. Moreover, he illicitly obtained a fake birth certificate for his daughter from Sheshi Koh village council. And recorded her age as above 18 years.

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Subsequently, on the basis of her false birth certificate, a National Identity Card [NIC] was issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) that facilitated the felonious Nikah ceremony.

In addition to this, the controversial nikah (marriage) of Golden with the minor girl had taken place in July. Subsequently, the issue was raised with the administration by a local civil society organization.

After the district administration took cognizance of the issue, as marrying a child was a crime under the Child Marriage Restraint Act, the additional assistant commissioner (AAC) was assigned the task to investigate the matter.

Shameless Pakistani Stuntman Sultan Golden Asserts His Wife Is 19-Year-Old, Not 12
Source: Twitter

Additionally, the case was also sent to police for taking action under the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929. However, the police did not take any action. They claimed that as per CNIC her age was above 18, the sources further added.

The inquiry confirmed that the girl was 12 years of age

Reportedly, the officials looked at vaccination cards and the girl’s school certificate to determine her age. Subsequently, they found her date of birth mentioned as April 10, 2008. A medical board was also constituted to determine the age of the girl. 

The inquiry confirmed that the girl was, indeed, 12 years of age and a minor. Yet, the world record holder Sultan Mohammad Golden dismissed reports that he contracted a child marriage. He insists that his ‘wife’ is 19 years old and not 12 as it is being asserted.

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Even though the reports have confirmed the girl is 12 years old- how does a 60-year-old man claiming her to be 19 years old make it any better?

According to the sources, the administration has also requested Nadra last month to proceed against the suspects. Including Sultan Golden and Samreen’s father Azizur Rehman, under the Nadra Ordinance 2000 for fraudulently obtaining CNIC and concealing age of the child as per her school record.

Moreover, Pakistani stuntman Sultan Golden who is 60 by age and claims his wife of 19 instead of 12 years by age was strictly prohibited to leave Chitral until the final decision of the court. However, his sudden illegal disappearance with Samreen enhances his unlawful actions. Currently, the case is fixed for hearing on October 24, and failure to appear ahead of the court will result in legal actions against the duo.

Child marriages in Pakistan is a serious issue and one that needs to be seriously dealt with. Millions of young girls are married off each year to grown men forcefully and nobody bats an eye.

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