Dear Rishi Kapoor, Making Fun of Hanif Mohammad Won’t Make You Cool!

One of Pakistan’s finest and first ever batsmen ever to make us proud, known as Little Master and known for his performance in the world of cricket, Hanif Mohammad left us at the age of 81.

Cricket legends from all around the world were pouring tributes to his legacy – however, there was this one “famous” person who tweeting something inappropriate regarding the deceased – Rishi Kapoor.

Here’s what he tweeted:

His followers started tweeting how inappropriate his tweet was:

Other Indian cricketers, also regarded as legends tweeted very gracefully on the death of a Pakistani legend:

Regardless of all the issues there are between the borders, it is highly disgraceful and inappropriate to mock another person’s death, let alone may it be a Pakistani.

Things would’ve never been the same had it been for an Indian legend who lived a legacy and died.



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