Sham Idrees & Froggy Announced They’re Having A Baby — But Pakistanis Think It Is Too Soon!

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Pakistan’s YouTube fraternity saw some controversies, major dramas, fights through videos and expose sessions on various desi channels. The entire Pakistani YouTube community turned into one big desi toxic family that only knows how to bicker. One such couple, both social media celebrities having their separate channels famous for distasteful pranks and poor content, created quite a ruckus on YouTube.

We are talking about Sham Idrees and Froggy that sometime back got their nikah done and recently had their marriage reception. They were involved in a major drama that must have lasted longer than Indian shows. Several YouTubers called them out for faking incidents for views including copying other artist’s content, even. This unleashed a massive chain of back and forth video replies exposing each other and we know how that unfolded.

But the buzz has died down and everyone is back to minding their own business except the nosy Pakistanis.

Sham And Froggy Announced Their Pregnancy And People Are Not Quite Processing The News, Instead Are Saying That It Was Quite Soon!

You can’t really blame the crowd now, can you? The couple actually released a “pregnancy prank” video that received heavy criticism and backlash, rightfully so. Hence, you can give the people some benefit of the doubt that they might be under the impression that this announcement is just another joke like every other announcement video which has turned out to be a prank so far.

However, this looks quite genuine and guys, they were nikafied sometime back, so it is quite natural for the couple to be pregnant this soon after shaadi. Geez, you people aren’t kids and that naive. They have been married for six months now. It’s natural. Let’s congratulate Sham and Froggy for the sleepless nights and hard labor ahead; parenting is hard after all. Jokes apart, we wish this beautiful couple a healthy and happy journey into parenthood.

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Froggy has even released a vlog where she surprises her husband with the great news.

Watch The Whole Vlog Here. 

Let’s Have A Look At People’s Cringy Comments On Sham Idrees’s Pregnancy Announcement Post On Instagram! 

Someone isn’t keeping up with the updates on their lives.

They should have asked this person first before starting a family. Tsk!

Erm, sounds like sarcasm. What do you guys think?

However, let’s look at the bright side. Majority of people congratulated the young couple and sent lots of prayers their way. Hey, this news seems genuine and this is such a big blessing from Allah. Good luck to Sham and Queen Froggy!

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