Shaista Lodhi Returns To Morning Shows But Promises Not To Be ‘Silly’ For TV-Ratings

Marred with controversies, the media careers of the Lodhi siblings have always seen their fair share of ups and downs. Popular morning show host cum actor, Shaista Lodhi, is set to return to your TV screens after a long period of self-exile.

Famous for inciting emotions of the audience for whatever reason, the demagogue like presence of the sensationalist Shaista Lodhi might not be the same as the compere and host promises not to do stupid and silly things just for the sake of TRPs and unique TV-ratings.



“I’m not going to claim ‘What I will do is going to be completely different’ or ‘I will do something new and never thought of’. Obviously, we can’t always have something new, especially if you’re doing a show fives times a week. It’s more about how we do the show. Morning shows depend on the personality of the host. At least that’s what I think,” she said to Images, Dawn.  

Even though Shaista Lodhi would have wanted to alter the complete format of the show, as her above state quote precedes. According to Shaista, the cadre of the morning show depends on the quality and personality of the host. If it is so, then so many of our morning show hosts need a genuine reality check along with personality rehabilitation.

Shaista Lodhi further said that: “There is one difference that people have noticed and pointed out to me is that the celebrities feel more comfortable with me. I don’t pry into their personal matters, which is very common on our talk shows. I only go as far as the person in front of me is comfortable. ” 



As per Shaista Lodhi, the content of Morning Shows in Pakistan has deteriorated in terms of restraint, social issues and the treatment of guests. Ms. Lodhi plans on changing the criteria at least for her own show and not do things that will be labeled as ‘silly’.

About her shows content, Shaista Lodhi told Images: “I don’t plan on doing silly things for the sake of ratings. I find it very demeaning when a big artist is in front of you and you’re playing ridiculous games like ‘finish this apple in three bites.’ I do hope my treatment can give morning shows a better image because it has gone down recently with silly shenanigans. Hopefully, my approach will be better.”

It seems that the Queen of Morning Shows will return very soon and definitely take over the audience’s television screens and if she practices what she preaches, she might just take over their hearts too.

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