Shahzeb Khanzada Thrashed A KPK Education Advisor On Live TV Over Girls Wearing Abaya In Schools!

Shahzeb Khanzada Thrashed A KPK Education Advisor On Live TV Over Girls Wearing Abaya In Schools!

Shahzeb Khanzada

The education system implemented in Pakistan has always been a victim of criticism because of the obsoleted syllabus still being taught to students. Breaking the widely famous fake degree stance of the country, the involvement of corruption in the education industry has devastated it as a whole. The fragile conditions of the federal boards and how they hold the final examination criteria isn’t hidden from anyone and the education ministry’s ignorance on the issue isn’t hidden from anyone.

Things got heated on “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Saath” regarding KPK government’s unusual bill!

Apparently, in Pakistan, brawls between government officials and journalists stealing the spotlight is a normal thing. Earlier this year, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI)’s Fawad Chaudhry allegedly slapped Senior Journalist Sami Ibrahim at a public event and it created chaos all over media which later was taken into legal practices. Recently, a well-known name from the Pakistan journalism industry Shahzeb Khanzada savagely thrashed Zia Ullah Bangash, the Advisor to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Education.

Here’s what Shahzeb Kahnzada posted on his official Twitter!

Earlier this week, on Monday, Advisor to KPK CM Zia Ullah Bangash joined the Shahzeb Khanzada show through a video call. As KPK government’s order of making ‘abaya’ mandatory for school going girls in the province already created a severe debate on the internet, Shahzeb Khanzada also asked Bangash about the bill passed but the responses he received didn’t explain anything clearly.

Zia Ullah Bangash failed to defend the order passed by the KPK government!

Shahzeb Khanzada started off with the parent’s personal preference of making their daughters wear an abaya and then moved onto the recent implementation by the KPK government. While talking to Zia Ullah Bangash, the journalist kept the concerns in front of him asking why did the KPK government felt the need to implement the decision of making abaya mandatory for school girls?


In reply, Zia Ullah Bangash stated the increasing number of rape cases in the province and displayed it as a step towards eradication of such elements. Well, Shahzeb Khanzada statistically, thrashed the forced stance of the CM Advisor and it did create a heated atmosphere between both the personalities. Further, Khanzada wisely sabotaged the ‘mandatory abaya’ order by stating the worldly and religious aspects on the issue.

Soon as the clip of the episode went up on the internet, digital Pakistanis majorly supported Shahzeb Khanzada and how he cleverly portrayed the right side. The awaam was quick to respond to Shahzeb Khanzada’s tweet in favor of creating a whole new debate on social media.

Well said Shahzeb Khanzada!

To put important issues first is what a good journalist should do!

Exactly! Zia Ullah Bangash couldn’t defend his stance!

“Nobody has the right to harass or rape anybody!”


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