This Pakistani Singer Claims He Has Cure For COVID-19

coronavirus cure

Remember the ‘Layla’ singer Shahzaman Alam? The 90s pop-singer, now affiliated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as Central Secretary Sports and Culture (well as per his Twitter account) has a cure for coronavirus. You heard it right.

A Russia-based Pakistani doctor, Professor Dr. Jaan Alam, recently approached him, who claims that he has the medicine for patients of  COVID-19. Shahzaman recently shared the details in a video on social media.

The claim Shahzaman and the doctor have made in the video are beyond belief. He also revealed that the three men (Shahzaman, the doctor and another man) in the video were standing close to each other because the doctor had earlier disinfected them with the same medicine.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Haroon, Former UN Ambassador also shared a heartwarming conspiracy theory. I bet this theory is something like you’ve never read before!

Shahzaman looked quite confident about the medicine which held in his hands n the video. The singer had earlier shared another video.


Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan, several conspiracies have been circulating about it. While some are just theories that support ideas like the virus is a human-built biological weapon, others call it a natural disaster.

Recently, Abdullah Haroon, former foreign minister and United Nations (UN) ambassador for Pakistan, also shared his conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is a US-made disease aimed at China to prevent it from progressing any further.

Till we find a real vaccine or medicine for coronavirus or come close to the reason, why it spread across the world like a wildfire, we must sit back and enjoy these assertions only.


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