Did A Police Constable Really Clear CSS 2019 From Sindh? Here’s The Real Story

shahrukh khan police constable

The Central Superior Service (CSS) is hands down one of the strongest lobbies of bureaucracy in the country. A prestigious exam, once cleared, opens doors to an elite life for the lucky that clear it. They say, to ace your CSS exam, you need a strong educational background, but many have busted this myth with their feats.

Ever since the CSS 2019 results came out, people have been sharing their success stories and gaining clout. One story, however, has been standing out on social media. The story of a police constable from Rural Sindh named Shahrukh Khan Kalhoro.

A social media post suggested that the police constable, who worked for an influential man named Jatoi, was his security guard. From there on, he worked hard, studied, and got allocated in the Police Service of Pakistan as an ASP. People have been shocked by the news of how a police constable can become a CSP officer.

However, people still went on to congratulate and share Shahrukh’s great achievement. But it wasn’t till the real Shahrukh Khan entered the scene, that the myth was busted once again.

The man named in the list, Shahrukh Khan, is no a security guard to any Jatoi, nor is he as old as the police constable. The real Shahrukh who got allocated in the Police Service of Pakistan shared his story.

My name is Shahrukh Khan, I am Shaikh and I belong to Panoaqil. By the Grace of Almighty, Alhamdullilah I have been allocated in PSP in CSS 2019. I am the son of Col (r) Mukhtiar Ahmed. I graduated from Lums in 2018. Recently, fake news is circulating in the media that I am a Police Constable named “Shahrukh Kalhoro”. I would categorically like to deny it. May Allah increase his real rank.”

When the real Shahrukh stood up, the rumors started dying down as well. In the age and race of technology, so many fake posts are shared with misinformation, that even the people who don’t want clout end up on social media. The police constable from Sindh DID NOT clear the CSS exam and the post was nothing but a charade.

However, the police have arrested the fake CSP officer, Many Twitteraties believe he just claimed to be CSS pass and should not be behind the bars.

We wish ‘real’ Shahrukh Khan the best of luck for his future and hope people start being diligent in the spread of information. If you want, you can read Zuhaib Ali’s story – the son of a mechanic who cleared CSS 2019.

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