‘Mardon Ka Bhi Parda Hota Hai’- Shahroz Sabzwari Jogging Topless On Karachi Streets Angers Netizens

shahroz sabzwari jogging topless

Celebrities often receive criticism for their lifestyle choices, and female stars tend to be the main target of trolls due to their dressing choices. But this time the tables have turned! When people opened Instagram on Friday and saw a video of Shahroz Sabzwari jogging topless through the streets of Karachi, they certainly did not like it.

As three topless men jogged in a seemingly harmless bout of exercise after iftar, a cameraman followed them. However, social media users wonder what was a pious and God fearing man like Sabzwari doing running topless on the streets.

Source: Instagram

“Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” was a common expression by trolls, as it generally is in matters of such moral degeneracy. Nonetheless, the reason people are mocking him for his shirtless video is his own opinions, which do not really mesh with a lifestyle of roaming around in the streets topless. As a matter of fact, the Nand actor has a couple of shirtless gym clicks on his Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Sabzwari is known to use the religion card whenever he feels like it. Mostly for his personal gain, he often gives his political opinions knotted with religion only for the sake of staying in the limelight. Or probably in a failed attempt to win over fans and followers after massive backlash over his disloyalty to ex-wife Syra Yousuf. Despite him trying so hard, it never really works out for the poor guy.

Suffice to say, people are no longer too fond of him and have a lot to say about his opinions. Seeing his latest video of jogging topless did not sit well with the public.

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People called out the Hasad actor for the immodest display especially given his recent pro-TLP stance. They were far from accepting towards the sight of the actor’s half-naked body.

Trolls question if this is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Source: Instagram

Mardon ka bhee parda hota hai waisey [Even men are ordered by God to cover themselves],” commented one user, asking “does parda in our society only apply to women?” The 35-year-old actor’s self-righteous statement on Islam and lifestyle seem to differ drastically and displays hypocrisy at its finest.

Previously, when an elderly man was killed during the hearing of a blasphemy case against him, Shahroz embroiled himself in controversy by supporting a killer. Looks like controversies don’t stay away from him for long!

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