Is Shahroz Sabzwari Calling Fans ‘Rats And Snakes’ In New Social Media Post?

shahroz sabzwari

Pakistani actor Shahroz Sabzwari, who is constantly being bashed for several reasons in the past few months, has now tried to give a befitting reply to trolls.

Shahroz, we believe, has collectively called them ‘rats and snakes’ in his latest Instagram post. 

“Coronavirus doesn’t affect rats and snakes so most of you are safe,” he wrote. 

Though he has switched off his comment section on Instagram, we are sure his Pakistanis won’t be too happy after reading his rant.

Shahroz and Syra Yousuf parted ways earlier this year. Then Shahroz’s second marriage with model Sadaf Kanwal raised many questions on him. People have been calling him cheater, disloyal, and whatnot. Similarly, his new wife Sadaf is also facing severe backlash for allegedly ruining Syra’s married life.

Shahroz also made a clarification through a video message that she didn’t cheat on Syra. He added he never wanted to divorce Syra but circumstances made it impossible for them to continue together. However, his statement didn’t hold back his haters from constant abuse.

It seems like Shahroz has taken a subtle dig at those who are continuously criticizing him all over the internet.


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