‘I Own All My Characters & Films’ – Shahroz Responds To Yasir’s Comments on His Acting Skills


Pakistani actor Shahroz Sabzwari lately shared his two cents over Yasir Hussain’s opinion about his acting skills. According to the latter, Sabzwari should have stuck to television instead of films. So, let’s see what he has to say about it!

Recently, while speaking to The Express Tribune, Sabzwari disclosed that he did not take offence to Hussain’s comment and in turn, said that people need to be able to block out the noise.

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“I respect everyone’s opinions, whether it comes from someone in my family or a random person on the street. No one has been subjected to flak the way I have. And he’s [Yasir’s]… I know him. So if that is what he thinks, then that’s fine by me,” he said. 

“Nowadays, people say so many things and many of us take them to the heart. We need to be stronger. We have to nurture ourselves and filter out the bashing that comes our way. If you don’t filter it out, you will lose.”

‘Failure defines his potential as an actor’

Speaking about his flop film, Sabzwari said he did not let his failure define his potential as an actor and insisted that he has never made a wrong decision in his life. 

“I own all my characters and my films. One of them [Chain Aye Na] was a dead flop, but I own it. I think everyone should do that too. A bad film or a character that doesn’t work for you should never define your potential. An actor is only done when he tells himself in the mirror that he is done.”

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“Me? I have never made a wrong decision in my life. Before taking on anything I say Bismillah and I give it my best,” he said. “But again, Yasir is entitled to his opinion and if you ask me mine, I will say that I respect all the actors around me.”

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“Even someone who plays a minor role is significant to me because when the camera is rolling, even saying ‘Assalamualaikum, kesay hain ap? [how are you?]’ becomes a task.”

Earlier, Sabzwari and his wife Sadaf Kanwal appeared on The Couple Show hosted by the celebrity duo Hina Altaf and husband Agha Ali. While the couple spilled the beans on how they met, they also talked about their home environment.

It is pertinent to mention that in the show, Kanwal disclosed that their home environment is free of gossip. The couple shared that Sabzwari’s father Behroze does not entertain the idea of speaking ill about others. Hence, we see where the mature response and reaction of Sabzwari comes from!

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