Dr. Shahid Masood’s Shocking Revelations of Zainab’s Murder Case Are Really Eye-opening!

There are a number of developments in the murder case of Zainab which have surfaced all over media. The alleged murderer, Imran Ali has been caught after his DNA sample matched with that of procured from the crime scene. However, people are still finding it hard to believe if Imran is the real culprit or if it’s all not really a part of a system, protected, aided and backed by authorities.

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Meanwhile, Dr. Shahid Masood, a renowned journalist in Pakistan jumped in the case. He brought a number of revelations regarding the whole case which are apparently backed by sources. It goes without saying that people continue to distrust the updates out there. The whole debate is about people having trust issues and they say that the person caught is different from the one CCTV footage or the sketches.

If you consider what Dr. Shahid Masood has to say then it’s evident that there’s more to the whole case than what is being put out there before us. Here’s what Dr. Shahid revealed:

  • Imran is not a daily wage worker and calling him a mentally unfit person makes no sense and only an attempt to conceal facts
  • There’s an organized network out there which sells violent child pornography internationally and Imran is affiliated with it
  • It’s a whole industry, an established business where innocent children are not only raped but filmed to produce worldwide records
  • Imran has over 37 bank accounts that may reveal all the sources and details where he is making all profits from

In the end, he raised the question: how in the world he has been doing it so safely this entire time?

The journalist laid great emphasis on further investigation into the whole matter. He has urged the Supreme Court to take measures and call for a proper investigation.

Watch the whole video below where Dr. Shahid Masood made those claims:

This morning, the Supreme Court of Pakistan called the journalist in the court and it shall soon be revealed what the journalist presented in the court today.

What do you guys think about it?

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