Shahid Khan Earned So Much "Sawab" After He Donated 1 Billion For Pakistan Dam Fund That It's Actually Hilarious

Shahid Khan Earned So Much “Sawab” After He Donated 1 Billion For Pakistan Dam Fund That It’s Actually Hilarious

So somehow, social media managed to report to the layman of Pakistan that Shahid Khan, a Jaguar owner donated $1 billion to PM’s dam fund! He must be feeling proud of himself all this time after donating such a humongous amount. So much sawab he must have earned! May Allah give him ajar for this great act of kindness!

MashAllah MashAllah brother! The smile on your face after the donation is very noorani.

Looking at this tweet, you must be in grave doubt that even Pervez Sahab donated money for Dam Fund. Such blessings upon Pakistan, we must have done some good deeds to deserve such a patriot to donate for the fund.

He’s selling all his properties in Dubai and UK. Brought tears in my eyes :’)


Oyeee bhai! Angelina Jolie even donated a huge amount for dam. Because she cares. How can we pay off all this love been given to us


Oh my my! Pedro made 2 billion of donation. Do you feelz cri? So much love. Dil hai Pakistani <3


Whaaaattt! Cristiano Ronaldo after seeing his massive fan following from Pakistan thought it would be great to help just a little for his fans


Ary ary. How can all the 90’s born forget the very famous Balaji daily soaps? Remember the multi-millionaire Bajaj jee?  Who was robbed another of some crore and wouldn’t give a damn about it! I mean come on, he can totally donate 500 crores to Pakistan for Dam Fund

Long Live Bajaj Je! Jug jug jiyo


This is the happiest day for Pakistan and after this big donation, this is high time that the government of Pakistan should start the construction. Hayee! Maa Sadqay Jae.

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