Obituary: Ex-Additional IG Sindh & DG FIA Shahid Hayat Passes Away!

Shahid Hayat passed away

The former police chief of Karachi and DG FIA, Shahid Hayat, has tragically passed away in Karachi. The news is being confirmed by his brother Yousuf Khan.

The Ex-DG FIA Shahid Hayat had been suffering from cancer for a long time as he finally succumbed to the illness today.

Moreover, Hayat is one of the most renowned police officers in Sindh’s history, and he had served on some of the top positions in the field. However, he had a pretty scandalous career over corruption allegations.

Shahid Hayat passes away

Source: dailytimes

The Ex-police Chief’s health started deteriorating after his visit to Nairobi on a UN Peacekeeping mission. In 2016, Shahid Hayat spent months on a ventilator before being healthy again.

We pray that Allah Almighty eases the pain of his family and grants him the highest makaam in Jannah.

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