Shahid Afridi’s Gesture Towards an Indian Fan Truly Spreads Aman Ki Ashaan

Shahid Khan Afridi is a name which is certainly not unknown in the world of cricket. The man conquered the game and represented Pakistan in the most successful manner possible. Regardless of how he has retired, he continues being the face of Pakistan – representing the Land of Greens.

Afridi is currently captaining the Royals at Ice Cricket tournament happening in Estonia.

Given how Afridi is in the game for decades, he has made fans all over the world!

Just Can’t Get Enough of Afridi, Don’t You Think?

LOOL – There’s Always the Banter too!

So Just Recently, People are Applauding the Gesture of Afridi Towards an Indian Fan

Before this, in an interview, Afridi said that the political tensions cannot disrupt his relation with Indian player Virat Kohli

Given how the political tensions in India and Pakistan are present for decades, it once spread in the game as well. Given so, an Indian fan who was standing in the cue with the flag of her country wanted to take a picture with Afridi. She subtly folded the Indian flag before taking a picture with Afridi.

Afridi, On the Other Hand, Requested her to Unfold the Flag

Watch this video:

Truly Shows a Deeper Message!


In the game of sports, there was never a need to drag politics, but the hatred among the extreme masses and political tensions always made us hate the Indians and vice versa.

Players such as Afridi and Kohli indeed are spreading peace among the countries in terms of the sports. It is amazing to see how they have managed to change not just their attitudes, but the attitudes of other players, as well as of the countrymen.

Afridi indeed has done something this time again to make us Pakistanis proud (not talking about his duck jbtw).

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