Shahid Afridi Vows To End Unemployment If He Becomes The Prime Minister of Pakistan

afridi to enter politics

Pakistani star cricketer Shahid Afridi has shocked many [once again] with his statement. He has claimed that he will end unemployment from the country if he becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Ring some bell?

Well, yes this statement was heard before too. Now the Prime Minister Imran Khan, also made such claims when he was campaigning to become the next PM of Pakistan. Seems like another star player is planning to enter the politics.

Khan had said his party will resolve the issue of unemployment after coming into power. He thought it is the main concern of the youth. Khan claimed that he will generate 10 million jobs over a five years period. The country requires some 3.5 million jobs instantly to clear a backlog created due to unemployment over the years.

Twitter reacts to Afridi’s statement

Some of them want to die before this happens.

Afridi entering politics?

Afridi is constantly making headlines for his political statements these days. Just recently, he grilled Indian PM Narendra Modi and demanded Kashmir in some really harsh statement. Many Indian cricketers including Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh and many more also lashed out at him for using bad language against their PM.

However, Afridi is receiving a lot of love from the people of Kashmir. He addressed the Kashmiris in a ration distributing event and demanded a separate team of Kashmir in the next Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Another episode of the same feeling was seen two years ago when Ex-Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni visited Indian occupied Kashmir. As soon as Dhoni entered the ground, chants of ‘Boom Boom Afridi’ first slowly started jeering. As the irked Army officers tried to control to uncontrollable Kashmiri youth, the chants, however, started to get louder.

No doubt Afridi is always been loved across the country but will he be a good politician? Time will tell.


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