Shahid Afridi Takes A Savage Dig At Gautam Gambhir Over Kashmir Issue And Lala Is On A Roll!

In any major issue, every stance taken or opinion given from famous celebrities carries significant importance. As the Kashmir dispute was illegally deteriorated by the Indian ruling alliance Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under vicious Narendra Modi’s leadership, the digital world has been flooded with concerns over the matter. The already unstable relations between Pakistan and India were more affected resulting in cut off of bilateral relations completely.

Shahid Afridi perfectly trolled Gautam Gambhir in response!

Serving basic Indian naivety right, Pakistani celebs sure know how to zip up foul mouths with wise. While Pakistani jawaans are strictly retaliating with debilitated Indian soldiers on the border, Pakistan’s famous personage is seen retaliating with brainless Indian celebrities on the internet. As the fool Indian masses are showing their utmost support for their vile leader, Shahid Afridi recently shattered Gautam Gambhir after he responded with hate to Afridi’s tweet for IOK.

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Quoting Indian cricket team’s former mental conditioning coach’s saying about Gautam Gambhir, Shahid Afridi gave a perfect response!

Though Afridi’s tweet didn’t target India or cricket but just like any other Indian, Gautam Gambhir also tried to intervene in Pakistan’s personal matter which backfired really bad. In Prime Minister Imran Khan’s latest address, he urged the Pakistani nation to take out half an hour every week to show solidarity with the Kashmiri brethren. Later, Shahid Afridi tweeted regarding PM Imran Khan’s request to Pakistanis and it gathered sheer praise.

This is what Shahid Afridi posted on his official Twitter handle after PM Imran Khan’s speech!

And this was Gautam Gambhir’s reply to Afridi’s tweet! But why?

Well, this is not the first time India or Gautam Gambhir has been savagely trolled by some Pakistani. The epic thing is that along with Shahid Afridi, Pakistani awaam also geared up and showed Gambhir and other Indian supporters how big of an embarrassing nation India actually is.

This is legendary!

Har waqt hi rotay rehtay hain!

That’s what Afridi does!

By the way, Gautam Gambhir’s Twitter is actually full of tweets regarding Shahid Afridi. Suspicious!


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While Indians are busy embarrassing themselves globally, Pakistanis should stand firm with the innocent Kashmiris. The inhumane brutalities going on in IOK are extremely heart-rending and at this time of need, Kashmiris shouldn’t feel alone.

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