Shahid Afridi Denies Lobbying for Shaheen Afridi’s T20 Captaincy

Shahid Afridi Denies Lobbying for Shaheen Afridi's T20 Captaincy

Shahid Khan Afridi, the former leader of Pakistan’s cricket team, strongly denied on Thursday that he had anything to do with the talks or lobbying for Shaheen Shah Afridi to be named the T20 captain.

There were rumors that Afridi was trying to keep Shaheen from becoming captain, but he cleared the air in an exclusive remark.

“I swear, I never talked about making Shaheen the captain, nor did I ever lobby. I am not involved in these things. I don’t have to, and I don’t like it either,” Afridi stated emphatically during a Samaa News program, Zor Ka Jor.

The reports got stronger after Shaheen Afridi was named T20 captain. Afridi then commented on the situation to put an end to the rumors.

Afridi said that he had talked about his thoughts on the captaincy during a show chat when Zaka Ashraf asked for his opinion.

“I said that Babar should not be removed from the captaincy. I wanted to keep Shaheen away from the captaincy. It has to happen; this is what happens to the captain in the end,”

The experienced cricketer made it clear that his friendship with Shaheen could have led people to think that he was helping or pushing, but he insisted, “I swear that I am neither interested in these things nor am I fond of them.”

Afridi ended by sending his best wishes to Shan Masood, who was just named Test captain, and Shaheen Afridi, who is captain of the T20 team.

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