Afridi Criticizes Sindh Govt, Says Who Will Punish People Who Have Turned Karachi Into Garbage?

shahid afridi criticizes Sindh govt

Pakistan is already stuck in a vicious cycle of several crises and now the rains of Karachi and other parts of it are becoming a nuisance. As Pakistan is one of the underdeveloped countries of the world, it is unable to cope with any kind of environmental calamity. People including Shahid Afridi criticizes Sindh govt for the huge loss.

Recent rains in Karachi also affected the masses so much that even former cricketer Shahid Afridi criticizes Sindh govt and shares his sentiments on the issue.

The legendary cricketer said, “Silence on the situation in Karachi now is criminal. The heart cries with tears of blood There is no light since morning, roads are damaged, streets are flooded, people are drowning, gutters are boiling with swallowing garbage. Local, provincial, and federal governments have failed miserably.”

He added, “I wish we could learn from any metropolitan city of the world and create artificial lakes. We pay taxes here but what responsibility does the administration fulfill in return? Who will punish the people who have turned the city into the garbage?”

Well, the current situation that Pakistan is facing is only due to the incompetence of the people in power. Moreover, the political instability especially in Karachi; the tug of war between MQM, PSP, and PPP has led the denizens in a deep hole of crises.

Shahid afridi criticizes

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Afridi rightly asserted about the ongoing upheaval and asked, “Who will save Karachi?” People in the city of lights are living a miserable life. Adding injury to insult, many officials remained quiet about the issue. Moreover, the K-Electric has shown a lackadaisical performance throughout the years. Resultantly, many in the city are deprived of electricity.

The wrath of warm summers on one side, heavy rains on another, and the negligence of government on top, truly a pathetic scenario in Karachi.

Here’s how people have reacted to Shahid Afridi’s tweet.

“The President of Pakistan is from Karachi; Governor Sindh is from Karachi; 16 PTI MNAs are from Karachi. The center should be ashamed along with the Sindh government,” said one user.

“Shahid Bhai, first PPP ruined Sindh and they are doing the same in Karachi.”

“Karachi is in a very bad situation today. What are the politicians doing? They don’t see this ruin. They are only prepared to loot.”

To conclude, the situation of Karachi is a collective failure of the federal and provincial governments. Hopefully, the authorities will take the required action and improve the situation in the largest city of Pakistan.

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