Pakistanis Call Lala Out For Hypocrisy After He Gets His Facial Done From A Woman

shahid afridi hypocrisy facial woman

Former captain and star all-rounder, Shahid Afridi, also referred to in the media as Boom Boom, is quite famous for his on-field antics. Controversies have dogged him throughout his career. Be it for sexist remarks against women playing cricket or his lack of quality performances. However, this time Boom Boom Shahid Afridi has landed in hot water for his pretentious ‘sharafat’ and hypocrisy after getting a facial done by a woman.

Recently, a few tendentious pictures of the Pakistani international cricketer have surfaced on the Internet. In one of the pictures that have been making rounds on social media, the veteran all-rounder seemingly refused to handshake a woman.

Whereas, in another picture we see him getting makeup done by a lady, who is apparently touching his face and he has no issue with it. Refusing to shake hands with women but letting them touch your face? Does this reek of hypocrisy?

As it appears, Afridi’s two-facedness does not seem to be sitting right with social media users. Netizens did not waste any time and took it to Twitter to call out the former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team for his utter hypocrisy.

People are raising the question as to how he has no problem with a woman touching his face. While on the other hand, he pretends to be all ‘shareef’ in front of the camera by refusing to shake hands with one.

Let’s see what the critic have to say about it

It is to be noted that Afridi’s wife Nadia observes ‘parda’ and has never come on camera. The former cricket captain has always mentioned his wife and acknowledged her support through thick and thin. And now, some netizens seem to have raised an issue here as well. Well, not only did he get criticized for his juxta positioned pictures but many also brought up the fact of how he should not keep his wife in a hijab.

Well, well, people are not coming slow!

Wow! Shahid Afridi has become the butt of social media jokes for his hypocrisy after his facial session by a woman. We certainly did not see this coming.

Earlier, Pakistan’s cricketing star tested positive for coronavirus. He turned out to be very active in helping people through Shahid Afridi Foundation ever since the pandemic broke in Pakistan.

Leaving all the backlash part aside, the aura that Afridi brought to the game was and shall always remain unparalleled. No one can forget the number of world records this man has made.

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