Shahi Very Proudly Announces Its Vision For A Change After Removing Betal Nuts From Its Products!

Shahi Very Proudly Announces Its Vision For A Change After Removing Betal Nuts From Its Products!

Although Pakistan is not a newcomer to the change this world has experienced over the years. There is still a long way to go however for us to reach the level the west is at this very moment. You may argue that there are many reasons that may have influenced the current state of events but the truth won’t change.

There is a strong need for a change in this country. No, we are not talking about the “tabdeeli” wave. We are talking about bringing a change in ourselves and the way we think. The people of Pakistan need to take the initiative. If you want a nation to grow, you have to let yourself grow first. We have to bring about a change in almost every aspect of our lives. We have to discourage immorality and false business practices.

Shahi is leading the way for a change!

Recently, a great initiative for change was taken by “Shahi” a very prominent mouth freshener brand of Pakistan. We have to commemorate there great effort and a progressive vision for this country. “Shahi” very proudly announces that from now on they have discontinued the use of “betel nuts” in all of its products.

The mafia for “betel nuts” or in local terminology “Chalia” is responsible for bringing in 15000 crores rupees worth of unhygienic and unhealthy “chalia” into the country illegally. It is Costing Pakistan billions in tax revenue all the while playing with innocent lives. To prove their point “Shahi” even released a video explaining the complexities of their decisions and eventually taking the right stand.

Check out the video:

The video features two very familiar faces Faisal Qureshi and Ejaz Aslam. As the two personalities indulge in a deep conversation about how “chalia” is slowly infesting the nation. We get to learn more about the effects it has caused to our economy.

The message that was intended to be sent is clearly received; we understand that their decision to stop the use of “betel nuts” was made solely keeping the future of this great country in mind. All the while maintaining the same level of quality of there product. Each and every piece of “chalia” brought into this country is done through smuggling which is illegal. Shahi’s decision to drop them may bring a change to the dynamics of this corrupt and unorganized industry.

Shahi released another video to explain their decision and to further shed a light on this very important crisis:

The video contains a conversation between two famous actresses, as they further explain the importance of Shahi’s decision. It was very informative for us to know that there is a whole mafia of this sleazy industry. The smuggling of these goods also encourages millions of rupees of corruption in the government.

Just imagine the millions of rupees of tax revenue lost. Apart from this, there is no record for this smuggle “chalia” which means there is no proof of their authenticity. They may well be made from unhygienic and low-quality raw materials. This is a great initiative taken by “Shahi” let’s support their visionary step.

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