Investigation Reveals Husband Of Female Baloch Journalist Killed Her In The Name Of Honor

shaheena shaheen pakistani journalist husband

Honor killing is slowly gaining a lot of popularity as each coming day shares the gruesome details of mothers, sisters, daughters being slaughtered for the gains of ‘honor’.


While these trivial issues that patriarchy makes these issue seem so heavy and harsh, women are abused, tortured and even killed; in order to pertain the honor of men.

The visionary young artist and journalist, Shaheena Shaheen Baloch, was silenced forever in Turbat, Balochistan for the very same reason. This young aspiring journalist and artist was an advocate of women empowerment and women’s rights.

Something that isn’t boding well with society for a long time. Hence, Baloch was shot dead in Turbat, that too, by her very own husband.

Now netizens demand justice for Shaheen Baloch!

The news hit social media and people are heartbroken over this bright star’s loss. They are demanding authorities to take strict and legal action against the culprit.

Some are also mentioning how the practice of honor killing has caused a lot of issues and prevalent crimes to occur in the country.

People are remembering the lost artist with words of adornment and love. It is sad to see that, women are not given the rights they deserve and no matter how much we progress, the role of women in this society tends to deteriorate with the passage of time.


People are requesting official authorities to hang the culprit and take strict actions against all those in favor of honor killings.

While many are looking into the situation with different perspectives, few people are calling out patriarchy for being unfair, cruel and indifferent to say the least.

Subsequently, this isn’t the first or the second honor killing case that has surfaced. Just a while back, we saw how a man killed his wife and children in the name of honor.


In the end, hope once again, that the judiciary doesn’t fail and punishes the killer of the Baloch journalist, and justice actually prevails.

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