Shaheen Afridi meets young Ceo who buys into his vision – Became 1st Brand Ambassador of ZERO LIFESTYLE

In a momentous meeting of two great minds, tech-driven fast fashion brand Zero Lifestyle has announced its collaboration with Shaheen Afridi as the brand ambassador or as they call it – their Z Star. The young cricketing sensation and the brand share a common philosophy and vision, making him the ideal choice to represent the brand.

The meeting between Zero CEO @Daniyalnaaeem and @ShaheenAfridi sparked a conversation that led to a fruitful collaboration, Daniyal CEO Zero commented:

“It was fate that brought us together and we foresee this partnership to lead the change we are envisioning for tech in Pakistan” 

Shaheen as a choice works for the brand, as it allows them to appeal to a broader audience and promote their vision of a fashion forward tech-driven future. 

The collaboration between Zero and Shaheen Afridi is a significant step towards creating a new generation of tech-driven individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. The brand’s focus on fast fashion wearable tech, especially smartwatches, for the Gen Z market in Pakistan, reflects the changing times, where technology is shaping the future in ways we could never have imagined.

If you’ve missed website’s launch, check out Zero features and smart watch prices in Pakistan and get on the trojan horse that’s all set to disrupt the fast fashion industry in Pakistan with amazing tech wearable gadgets. 

Zero’s launch event, set to take place on May 6th, promises to be an unforgettable experience that will launch a new era of technology and lifestyle collaboration in Pakistan. With Shaheen Afridi as its brand ambassador, Zero is poised to capture the hearts and minds of the Gen Z in Pakistan. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey that will transform the tech industry forever. Watch out for Zero – the brand that is changing the game!

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