Shahbaz Taseer’s Twitter Q & A Isn’t Just Entertaining, It’s Inspirational!

Shahbaz Taseer is back, and he’s back with a social media bang (take that, Taliban!)



After the former Punjab governor’s son was recovered from the clutches of the Taliban after five years in captivity, Twitter users have been asking him questions regarding his confinement using the hashtag #AskST.

Shahbaz Taseer has come as strong as ever, and his answers to all the questions are glaring proof of his resolve and determination.

1. His job interview with the Taliban didn’t go too well;

2. Trust women to do something like this!

3.When all else failed, Peter was there:


4. Nothing beats a good shower, especially when you’re held hostage by the Taliban;

5. Lessons learnt the hard way;

6. Speaking of lessons, he’s got some for us;

7. You can’t take Manchester United out of Shahbaz;

8. Smelling competition, Maheen Taseer joined the party;

9. By the way, they’re SO cute together;

10. The unbreakable mother-child bond!

11. We’d miss the food the most too;

12. Prioritizing questions…


13. Nothing like (FREE) pizza after five years!

14. Home is where the heart is;

15. But here’s Shahbaz’s favorite so far!

With a sharpened wit and an improved sense of humor, Shahbaz Taseer has proved that he is, indeed, the son of a very brave man. With the 5 years of captivity fading away in the background, he has taken positive strides forward, showing that the Taliban and their atrocities can do little to shake his resolve and love for his country.

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