Shahbaz Taseer’s Ex Sister-In-Law Demands Return Of Her Belongings

Shahbaz Taseer’s Ex Sister-In-Law Demands Return Of Her Belongings

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The news of Maheen Ghani announcing her divorce to Shahbaz Taseer was indeed a shocking one. With all the news settled, Maheen’s sister, and ex-sister-in-law of Shahbaz, Leena now demands the return of her paintings.

Leena’s Demand For Her Paintings!

In her most recent tweet, Leena mentions that she had earlier requested Shahbaz to return her two confiscated paintings. Nonetheless, with Shahbaz-Maheen legal court proceedings ongoing, it has nothing to do with the fact, that the family has been keeping her two paintings, hostage.

shahbaz taseer leena

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Clearly the screenshots in the tweet enumerate that Leena never gave the paintings to Shahbaz. But instead, they were taken away from her house. Later, upon Leena’s constant requests to return her possessions, the Taseer gang of members have completely blocked all contacts with her.

Leena says that her sister Maheen had taken the paintings from Leena for a photoshoot. However, since the relationship between Maheen and Shahbaz was over, it was only right what was her was returned.

With 9 months of constant requests to return the paintings, Leena has reached a stalemate, with no clues to implement. Through her tweet, the artist by profession requests the viewers to support her in getting back her two pieces of work.

Here is Leena’s tweet, where she has posted all the screenshots and even the pictures of her two stolen paintings!

Context Of This Situation!

Apparently, this whole matter relates to the unfortunate incident, when extremist Islamic militants kidnapped Shahbaz Taseer. The latter was the son of Salman Taseer, who presumedly went missing on the 26th of August 2011.

It is known that Salman Taseer was shot dead by his security guard Mumtaz Qadri on 4th January 2011 in Islamabad. Ever since then, the family received death threats, with one day leading to the abduction of Shabaz.

Without any doubt, Maheen had portrayed immense courage and patience throughout the whole period of her husband’s abduction, which in return made her the pride of Pakistan.

However, after a passage of five years, a group of security forces, led by Aitzaz Goraya, head of the counter-terrorism department, recovered Taseer. According to Aitzaz, they found Taseer in the Kuchlak area of the province, Balochistan, 25 minutes away from Quetta.

With  Shahbaz’s return at home, Maheen, later on, found him cheating on her, subsequently, leading to divorcing him. With every Pakistani citizen declaring Shahbaz a hero of the nation, the news of him cheating surely made him lose all the heroism.

As of now, there has been no official statement from Shahbaz Taseer regarding the divorce. But for sure, the Taseer family has darkened their family name in front of several.

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