Shahbaz Gill Gets Egged & Inked In Lahore – Woman Who Attacked Him Is Ready For Jail!

Shahbaz Gill

Monday became a bad day for Shahbaz Gill after some people threw eggs and ink at the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs (SAPM). The attackers were, alleged supporters and workers of the PML-N.

The incident happened ahead of Gill’s appearance at the Lahore High Court (LHC).

Meanwhile, the police also arrested the man who threw ink at Gill. Speaking to reporters after the incident, Gill termed it “ghunda gardi” (thuggery), emphasizing that he was “totally fine”.

“They are throwing the ink of their own black actions,” he said and vowed not to take revenge in the same way.

“We will not return 10 slaps in place of one. We will not curse in return for [their] curses.”

How did it happen?

The LHC had summoned Gill on a petition challenging a case registered by the Islampura police on his complaint, said Dawn.

When Gill came to the court for today’s hearing on the petition, workers allegedly belonging to the PML-N threw eggs and ink on him.

Meanwhile, the woman who allegedky attacked Gill and hurled eggs at him said she was ready to go to jail. She was also a PML-N worker.

Meanwhile, other PTI leaders condemned the attack on Gill and criticized the PML-N for allegedly supporting the attack.

Some social media users think the opposite.

It appears, however, that Gill already knew of the PML-N workers plan. In a tweet before coming to the court, the SAPM revealed that an “attack” had been planned on him.

“I am a soldier of Imran Khan. I will come to the court, will not be afraid of you. We believe in doing politics, [we] are not thugs like you,” he had written on Twitter.

Gill is often bashed for his outspoken nature. In June last year, a journalist blasted him after he said ‘ap mera rishta laye hain? [have you brought a proposal for me?’

Earlier this month, PML-N leaders angrily charged at some PTI workers and pushed them away in Islamabad during a clash. One of the alleged PTI workers also hurled a shoe at Ahsan Iqbal.

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