‘Aap Main Se Shah Rukh Khan Kon Hai?’ – SRK’s New Doppelganger Will Make You Go Crazy!

Shah Rukh Khan Doppelganger

The internet has found a new Shah Rukh Khan doppelganger and guys, this is crazy stuff. Meet Ibrahim Qadri, the brand new lookalike of SRK. He is not only a lookalike of King Khan but also his HUGE fan.

The entertainer-social media influencer’s way of paying a tribute to SRK is copying the actor’s look and hairstyles, posing like him, and even acting like him. LOL!

The doppelganger Qadri has over 40,000 followers on his Instagram page where he is seen dressed up like Shah Rukh Khan as he uploads videos mimicking the star. He also imitates the actor’s signature poses.

His social media posts have a lot of love and support from his followers. Qadri often imitates scenes from SRK’s films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Raees, and more.

Qadri’s fans often drop comments like “You look ditto like Shah Rukh Khan”, “You should have been cast opposite SRK in FAN” and “You will shock Shah Rukh if you ever meet him”. According to Indian Express, he sometimes gets hate from SRK’s die-hard fans too for copying him.

Isn’t always fun to read about lookalikes? We wonder, if there’s one copy of every human being on earth!

Recently, Pakistanis found a local bride who was a ‘ditto’ doppelganger of actor Hania Amir. Like these two, other lookalike celebs came to the limelight previously, which share a super uncanny resemblance. Pakistani actor Ali Rehman looks remarkably similar to the Indian actor Nakuul Mehta, his doppelganger, and you will agree with us too!

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