Shahrukh Khan Is Making An Anti-Pakistan Netflix Series But He Forgot About Kulbhushan & Abhinandan!

Having an influential impact on the masses and delivering positive vibes across is what celebrities can do and should do. In the current turmoil spreading in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), where famous well-known Pakistani personalities showed the utmost sanity grabbing the rational manner circumstances, big names from India’s Bollywood displayed the basic ignorant Indian attitude fueling the already deteriorated conditions in Kashmir upon Pakistan and India’s blown up relative terms.

Shah Rukh Khan following the negative approach of other fellow Indian artists!

After Anupam Kher’s ‘final solution’ tweet and insensitive responses from other Indian celebrities, the world saw the true colors of Indian celebrities. Once again, this time Bollywood’s King Khan has stood high on the stupidity factor trying to damage Pakistan through his Netflix series, LOL! Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Production released the trailer of the upcoming Netflix series ‘Bard Of Blood’ hiding the actual reality and showing Pakistan on the bad side, as always.

“Bard Of Blood” another surgical strike from India against Pakistan. LOL!

As soon as the trailer was up on social platforms, a series of mind-opening comments were made form Pakistan’s side while messed up Indians didn’t want their bubble to burst. In Shah Rukh Khan’s produced Netflix series, Emraan Hashmi is the protagonist followed by some other Bollywood stars. According to sources, the series is believed to be of seven episodes and will start streaming from 27th September 2019.

Among today’s trends on Twitter, #BardOfBlood is in the top 10 and people are calling for a ban on Netflix and Indian celebrities for their ignorant approach of releasing the series amidst the ongoing bloodshed in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

This makes sense!

After a series of flop movies, Shah Rukh Khan comes up with this!

Fake and false claims from India, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Jinnah knew things!

Exactly, based on lies and busy in spreading lies!

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Not a single word from Shah rukh Khan on the Indian brutality in Kashmir and now this series based on pure lies. Pakistani fans are extremely disappointed to see the most liked actor groped in a false avatar. After the ban on the screening of Indian movies in Pakistan. people are now calling a ban on Shah Rukh Khan and other Indian celebrities along with Netflix.

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