Shadab Khan Picked An Amazing Catch Against Afghanistan

shadab khan catch

In the first one-day international match versus Afghanistan, which took place on Tuesday in Hambantota, Shadab Khan made an incredible diving catch.

After Shaheen Afridi’s back-to-back breakthroughs, the batting order for Afghanistan was already in a difficult position with a score of 3-2 as they attempted to reach their objective of 202 runs.

The extraordinary Shadab Khan flies through the air like a miracle and arrives at the scene.

Naseem Shah fired a short delivery in the middle of a sequence that left onlookers in a state of stunned awe. This prompted Shahidi to attempt a pull shot.

However, Shahi found himself struggling to keep up with the ball’s ferocious velocity and bouncy nature, which led to him losing control of the situation.

Shadab Khan Amazing Catch Against Afghanistan

Shadab Khan went into action after making an almost successful attempt catch to clear the square leg area. After making a spectacular leap to his left, he neatly poked the ball with his right hand and then safely clutched it as he came to the ground.

Absolutely remarkable was Shadab Khan’s catch in the front square leg position, in which he demonstrated his physical prowess and unwavering will.

Hashmatullah Shahidi, the captain of Afghanistan, was forced to leave the field after making a spectacular catch. As a direct result of this, Afghanistan’s score dropped to 3-3 after only four overs, which was an unlucky result.

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