Infinix & Shadab Khan Collaborate To Bring Surreal Discounts On S5!

Shadab Khan S5 offer

Pakistan Super League (PSL) starting today, fans can hardly control their excitement for the event. For the first time in its short history, all matches of the PSL will be played in Pakistan. Cricket has finally come home, along with all the stars, glitz and glamor.

But the question is, WILL SHADAB WIN? Infinix has come up with a very exciting game, something like fantasy football, but for the PSL! This year’s PSL is going to be super exciting because Infinix is coming up with an extremely exciting offer for PSL 5.

Shadab Khan islamabad united

Source: infinix

You now have a chance to win an Infinix S5 (6GB + 128GB) for…. wait for it…. *DRUM ROLLS*…. only Rs. 22,399 and the Infinix (4GB + 64GB) for only Rs. 19,999! Unbelievable? Believe it!

This year’s PSL will see our favorite, spin-wizard Shadab Khan play his role as Islamabad United’s captain and Infinix’s Brand Ambassador.

Here’s where things get exciting. So, if you take part in the discount-game with Infinix, whenever Shadab Khan wins… you win as well! Howwwwwzattttt?? Only every win of Shadab’s, you will get a discount of Rs. 300. Thus, you’re eligible to get a total discount of Rs. 3600 overall on your FAVORITE Infinix S5 with Shadab Khan winning on-field.

Shadab Khan infinix

Source: infinix

But not everything can be pleasing, right? Similarly, this offer is ONLY VALID for the first 150 Infinix S5 customers, who buy their Infinix S5 from!

Want to take part in #WillShadabWin? Here’s what you need to know

The campaign officially began on 18th February 2020. You have until 22nd March 2020 to play the game and win with Shadab. All you have to do is log onto and purchase your Infinix S5 (4/64GB or 6/128GB) on the actual price of Rs. 22,999 and Rs. 25,999, respectively. Remember, the more Shadab Khan wins with his team, the more discount you get!

Another reminder, this offer is ONLY for the initial 1500 devices sold through So, to increase your chances, strike early, just as our hero Shadab Khan does.

s5 infinix shadab

Source: infinix

And the discount parade doesn’t end here!!! If you’re buying your Infinix S5 on a Wednesday through HBL… you will get an additional discount of Rs. 1000!

How to claim your refund?

Once the PSL is over (hoping with a lot of Shadab wins), your discount voucher will be calculated and emailed to you, against all the matches won by Shadab. The new code will let you buy anything you want from

Shadab Wins 1 game out of 10 Discount of Rs. 300/-
Shadab Wins 2 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 600/-
Shadab Wins 3 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 900/-
Shadab Wins 4 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 1200/-
Shadab Wins 5 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 1500/-
Shadab Wins 6 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 1800/-
Shadab Wins 7 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 2100/-
Shadab Wins 8 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 2400/-
Shadab Wins 9 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 2700/-
Shadab Wins 10 games out of 10 Discount of Rs. 3000/-

Moreover, if Shadab’s team Islamabad United end up topping the group table after playing all 10 games, after playing a qualifying game, they’ll go directly to the finals or they’ll play 2 eliminator games. If they win it all, your discount is a mammoth Rs. 3600! Woooot.

So, what’s all this waiting for? Only a non-cricket fan will take time before making the most of this offer and buying their new Infinix S5 (6GB + 128GB) for an eye-popping price of Rs. 23,399 from #UnitedWeWin #WillShadabWin

P.s – Infinix has a huge number of different accessories available on Let’s go shopping!

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