Chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi Is Being Accused Of Not Paying Taxes Himself And Awaam Is Asking Their Kasoor!

Currently, Pakistan is facing the worst economic crisis and the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf government is busy preparing strategies for stability. The taxation criteria prevailing within the country was being neglected since forever. Tax evasion had its roots strong from the government officials all the way down to the general public and no one ever bothered to inquire the stats.

PM Imran Khan on taxpayers!

The present incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi has recently revealed new policies following the huge tax evasion. He further made compulsory for the nationals to become a tax filer and praised the ones who actively pay taxes. The percentage of taxpayers in Pakistan is under 5% and this is alarming.

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Considered to be the most esteemed department, The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) is a federal government body that investigates money-related crimes. Previously, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) joined hands with the government in order to solve this issue permanently. Earlier this month, a revised percentage for salary-based employees were also announced by the government.

Chairman FBR and the income tax evasion matter!

Well, Syed Mohammad Shabbar Zaidi, the 26th and current chairman of the FBR was in the headlines for being a non-filer. Zaidi was appointed as the chairman of FBR by the PTI government after it came into power. Sources say that there are no traces of Zaidi’s tax payment and that he is involved in tax evasion. However, some say that he’s an active filer and has paid 1.53 cr tax in 2017.

According to 24 News HD, Shabbar Zaidi is a non-filer. Watch the video!

Zaidi, who along with the government panel was encouraging the citizens of Pakistan to become a filer turned out to be a non-filer himself. According to news, the FBR chairman has not submitted his income tax return for the last three years. 2016, 2017 and 2018, for consecutive three years Zaidi hasn’t submitted a single document regarding his income tax return.

As the news broke out on the mainstream media, Zaidi’s face became a medium of discouragement for Pakistani taxpayers. The only question in mind was how can someone encourage others to pay taxes when the main authority isn’t paying himself? The government is yet to issue any statement on the matter. Shabbar Zaidi had issued several statements encouraging the general public to pay taxes.

Tax evasion is like the scum in Pakistan and no government ever even tried to solve it. PTI government has now taken up the issue so that the country come out of financial crisis and prosper for better.

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