Shaan Shahid Blames Karachiites for His Movie’s Bad Reviews and People Are Not Having It!

Shaan Shahid, a prominent name in the Pakistani entertainment industry who has served a good number of years. Back in time, the industry did not release many incredible movies and the actor was an important part of it since he appeared in most of the movies from the quarter.

Now that the revival of Pakistani cinema is on a roll, actor Shaan Shahid’s long-awaited production finally takes center-stage. Arth, a movie, Shaan was producing for long, has been released and has garnered massive reviews, both good and bad. Besides, Shaan is one of the celebrities who’s very vocal about his views and doesn’t hesitate in pouring his criticism on any subject that goes beyond his understanding.

The much sought-after movie Arth did not appear to be a blockbuster. It may be harsh to call it a lackluster but the movie did fair on the charts. Meanwhile, Shaan Shahid is not really satisfied with the reviews that followed this movie. However, he pinpoints people from Karachi and thinks they were the only ones to give Arth bad reviews.

Shaan Shahid wrote a long rant on Facebook the other day which reads:

via Twitter

Seems like he has some personal agenda here that is peeking through the loopholes. But not denying the fact that he sparked a city war among people with this one single rant. As usual, Pakistanis on social media took notice of this activity and scrambled towards responding to Shaan. People were baffled to see why an incredible actor who holds such a grand stature would commit to such words. Most of all, why would he ignite a city war?

So, here is how people on social media reacted to Shaan Shahid’s opinion:

Makes no sense at all…

What? But how could he allow such a statement, especially when it draws so much confusion!



What’s your take on it?

…okay, well this is awkward

People don’t buy it, simply don’t

Have you been to the cinema and watched the movie Arth? If yes, then how was it? How would you like to sum up the movie overall?

Despite everything, the bottom line remains that the actor Shaan does not hold back when it comes to criticism about it. He’s very vocal about it and often chooses his social media profile to express his views. And as of course, this is not the first time he sparked a controversy. Share your comments.

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