This Guy’s Comparison Of Sexual Violence In Pakistan Vs India Is Eye-Opening!

It’s been on all news channels in Pakistan that sexual violence and child rape cases are increasing daily…

Indo-Pak conflicts haven’t been sorted out yet, be it socio-political or religious clashes of Hindu-Muslim, people are dying in both nations on the name of religions by various extremists, both nations are totally failed at solving the issue s of extremism, on the other hand, both nations are unable to control sexual violence nowadays. In India and Pakistan, most of the people are living with religious ideologies and both countries are getting at the top in extremism and domestic violence every year. India was known for rapes, but now the ratio of rapes in Pakistan is increasing on a daily basis

There are 1000 estimated honor killings every year in Pakistan, domestic violence. At least 1000 women from religious minority communities belonging to Christian and Hindu communities are forced to marry Muslim men every year and the government is still working on these issues.

Over 3500 child abuse cases have been reported in national and regional newspapers in Pakistan in 2018 and all of these were reported from all four provinces including AJK and Gilgit Baltistan. Allegedly, in these cases, 55% of child abuse victims were girls and 45% were boys, while in 2019 about 12 child abuse cases are being reported daily. It’s been said, that women are safe at nowhere but now it’s a turnabout for children.

India was country of rapists, now Pakistan is getting worst too, the sexual violence and ratio of Pedophiles are growing up, pedophilia is a mental disorder it is considered as Paraphilia. Pedophiles are walking among us into the streets and working in the offices wearing a mask of innocence, a pedophile could be anyone. 60% of sexually abused children are abused by someone they know, a 9-year old girl was murdered by her own uncle Qari Tamjeed (Hafiz-e-Quran) with his friends in Lahore. Another 7-year-old girl was raped by the school principal and canteen owner in a private school in Lahore.

And there so many other cases. A 10-year-old girl named Farishta was raped and murdered in Islamabad. 9-year Manahil was raped and murdered in Nowshera, KPK. Zainab Ansari 6-year old raped and murdered. A two-year-old girl raped by a neighbor in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. 4-year old child in Karachi was raped by a 15-year old teenager. A minor girl named Chalet Javed was kidnapped, raped, converted to Islam and sold as a bride. Another 13-year old minor girl Jamna from Tando Muhammad Khan, Sindh is raped after being intoxicated. A 4-years old Asma was raped and murdered.

Who would capture the culprits when cops are the culprits? Muhafiz Force Cops abducted a 22-year old girl and gang raped in a police vehicle for next two hours on 16, May 2019. Back into 2005, a 15-year old girl was raped by Islamabad police officials. These cases have bashed the social media and every medium reported, therefore, some culprits are sentenced and some of them are still ghosts.

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