Senior Lawyer Latif Afridi Killed In Peshawar High Court Bar Room Fire

Latif Afridi Killed In Peshawar High Court

According to the police, senior lawyer and former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association Latif Afridi was killed in Peshawar High Court on Monday after gunfire inside the bar chamber.

He was sent to the Peshawar Lady Reading Hospital right away after the event, where he passed away while receiving medical care, according to Muhammad Asim, a facility spokeswoman.

Latif Afridi Killed In Peshawar High Court

Dr. Taimur Rahman on Twitter: "Congratulations to the Pakistani left.  Progressive Lawyer Latif Afridi (Lala) elected to Supreme Court Bar  President." / Twitter

Afridi was being shot at when he was seated in the PHC bar room with other attorneys, according to Senior Superintendent of Police Kashif Abbassi, who spoke to

The officer replied, “The police have detained the culprit and identified him as Adnan Afridi,” indicating that the attacker was a relative of Afridi.

He told that the attacker’s little weapon, identity card, and student card had all been found.

Abbassi added that the police thought the attack was committed out of “personal animosity.”

Aftab Afridi, a Swat anti-terrorism judge, was the cousin of the attacker and was murdered in a shooting last year. Latif Afridi and his family were named as suspects in the crime, but a court in Swabi that deals with counterterrorism eventually found them not guilty.

The Peshawar High Court Bar Association, on the other hand, called the occurrence a “security breach” and questioned how a guy with a weapon was able to enter the bar area.

It is important to note that the PHC bar room is situated on the high court’s grounds. At the PHC’s entrance, strict security is frequently in place, and entry is only permitted with proper identification.

Shehbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister, expressed great sadness and anguish over the “brutal killing” of the renowned lawyer.

“I pray that the grieving family bears this loss with strength. The deterioration of law and order in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is concerning,” the PM said, adding that the province administration should take appropriate action in this respect.

Asif Ali Zardari, a former president, denounced the killing of Afridi and praised him for his steadfast support of democracy and opposition to terrorism.

The PPP leader tweeted, “The assassination of martyr Abdul Latif Afridi is really unfortunate.

Ahsan Bhoon, a former president of the SBCA, expressed outrage at the killing of the senior attorney and said that Afridi had always spoken up for those who were denied their rights.

In an interview with Geo News, Bhoon stated, “He was a part of the students union in his youthful days and afterwards he joined the ANP,” adding that the dead attorney had also gone through difficult times under martial law during the administration of former dictator Ayub Khan.

Afridi, according to the former SCBA president, was a fervent supporter of democracy. “Throughout his life, he battled all anti-democratic influences.”

The KP Bar Council and the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) also strongly denounced Afridi’s murder and declared a strike on Tuesday (tomorrow).

Lawyers were not even protected within the courtrooms and bar chambers, according to a news statement from LHCBA President Sardar Akbar Ali Dogar and Vice President Sohail Shafiq Chaudhry.

Additionally, they requested that the government provide safety for the lives of attorneys.

In a separate news statement, the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) also denounced the occurrence. Legal professionals are routinely targeted by terrorists, according to LBA President Rana Intezar Hussain.

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