Sending Children To Segregated Schools Increases Their Sexual Urges

In Pakistan, the debate over whether to send one’s children to a co-ed or same-sex school has been around for decades. Whenever a child – especially a girl – turns 3 or 4, the debate fuels fire: where to send the child?

Will they be better off in a co-ed school or one that does not include children of the opposite sex?

Sending Children To Segregated Schools Increases Their Sexual Urges


The fact is, thorough research shows if you stop any living human being with a beating heart and a pondering brain from doing something, it is only natural they would go against the given orders. All their lives day in, day out, children at same-sex schools deal with the same gender as theirs and in the long run, turn outcast to the opposite sex.

What Happens When Primary School is Over?

When these children finish their schools and grow up, the choice and options of same-sex colleges and universities decrease, and are next to none. It turns into a matter of getting accepted in the best places, ones that do not comply to parent’s standards of segregation. The same parents, who had initially refrained from sending their children to co-educational or sex-segregated schools, are now forced to do so.

Upon arriving for higher education, the kids of same-sex schools are left to fight the urge to get to know the opposite sex – they do not know how to counter the natural feelings of admiration or attraction towards the opposite gender, which are natural developments in an individual, with or without their will or choice. All this thought provocation leads to a human being’s natural desperation that crawls from within.

Sending Children To Segregated Schools Increases Their Sexual Urges

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Why Co-Ed Schools Are Important

The example of keeping a bird caged for years and years, never letting it out. And one day, you let it fly, expecting it to return to the same cage it did not have the choice of being in. On the other hand, students of co-ed schools, generally since childhood, build the walls of the dos and the don’ts between both the sexes – a mutual understanding of friendship, respect and each others’ personalities.

Sending Children To Segregated Schools Increases Their Sexual Urgessource: tumblr

Co-education schools also help the children excel in their professional lives, as they have dealt with tricky situations that involved the opposite sex, for years, while children who come from same-sex schools are left dumbfounded and worried.


Thus, it is better to let your children gain education in an open environment, one that suppresses desperation and teaches the young about respect and how to socialize appropriately between both genders, instead of a one-way route of suppression that only leads to depression and anti-social tendencies for all involved parties. A majority of homosexuals in Pakistan, in fact, have attended single-sex schools and not co-educational institutes.

The choice, therefore, is pretty straightforward and simple. Liberate their minds, before they take it upon themselves to liberate it in a manner where nobody finds out until it’s too late.

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