“Send Nudes If You Want Me To Help You” – Story Of A Girl Who Got Blackmailed

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Hey guys, what I am about to say is to simply help someone who might be in the same situation as me. I believe as a girl in this male dominated society, I need to speak up now before it’s too late.

Before, some other girl falls into the same trap as me and blames herself for her mistakes, I want to help. My hands are shaking as I am typing, but this has to be done in order for my inner peace. I want to share what I have learned from my experience.

I am currently following the external degree program from The Millennium University College. I have been studying there for around a year now. I must say, when I started studying here, I was happy! I was surrounded by a great bunch of people who made me laugh and I was finally in a degree program which I could follow.

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Yes, yes, you can judge me! I am one of these girls who takes the shortcut and does the external degree because everything else is too hard for me. Anyways, with that set aside for the past 1 month or so, everything has been horrible in my life. The main reason for that is this university college allows an ex student to come inside the university to humiliate me and physically torture me in front of everyone on campus, just for a private grudge that she had against me.

Okay, at this point you may think this is the main subject of my story? My fight with this girl just because her boyfriend liked me more than her! Come on, its okay. Guys are jerks. Girls fight. That’s normal. That’s not the main issue in my life. The main issue starts when I complained about this incident to the college administration. I went to them to ask for help! I told them how miserable I felt because I was humiliated in front of everyone on campus.

That girl was physically abusing me and no one said anything. Even though I am a registered student and she was an ex student, but still, the administration did nothing to simply provide security to me. However, there was this one person from the administration who asked me to help out and defend me. What he wanted to in return? My nude pictures!

He black mailed me for over a month. I didn’t have the courage to say anything to my parents and family and he took advantage of it. When I was on campus, he made sure that I do not leave the campus premises until the end of my classes. But I cant take this anymore. I told my parents everything today. From start to finish. I told them everything.

I told my dad, that I have made mistakes in life but I don’t deserve to be treated like this. No girl should be treated like this, especially from someone who is working for an education institution.

So, please guys, if you have someone blackmailing you, or treating you indecently! Please open up and talk about it! Talk about it to your friends, your family, they are bound to be there for you! That’s what I did and I feel so relieved.

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