Self-Realization Is Super Important And Here’s How You Can Attain It!

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Last week in the afternoon, I was sitting on the bed in my room with windows and door closed and was talking to one of my friends through text messages. Certainly, a point hit my mind and I was like Oh! This is the word that can change a whole being. Mostly, this happens to me or perhaps happens to all that certain points or memories hit the mind without any link to the time in which we are living.

I consider these points certain messages and through these nature is trying to make us realize or remind something at specific times. Some points, ideas or memories are linked to the living time but it seems to me that some are spontaneous, that nature is trying to make us understand. Every incident happening or is going to happen in this world has a hidden purpose that we are unable to find out exactly at that time. To me, things are always different from what they seem to us. It’s another debate, I think. Main is the word that just hit my mind when I was sitting in the dark. It was “Realization”!

Isha Sadhguru

Once, I was taking a lecture on English at the intermediate level. Ma’m Fouzia was our lecturer and she said, “Today, instead of remaining within the syllabus book, we are going to start a discussion about ‘Realization’”. It was the first input about realization in my mind. Yes, really! It is Realization that can change a whole being. If a person starts realizing the things he can start a journey towards a new world, he can start a journey towards him and the quest within is the best journey ever.

The realization of ideas, thoughts whether positive or negative, surrounding events, affairs, the realization of responsibilities,  of the soul, of oneself, one’s feelings and others’ emotions and status whether financial or moral or any other, etc. can lead to a novel road of the journey. Of all, self-realization is precious. Nature is trying to make us realize the things and ideas, every single day.

One of my Prof. Shabir Saqib often says that nature treats us as we treat nature. Nature will give love if we love nature and vice versa. So, this idea can also be utilized in the concept of realization i.e. nature will definitely co-operate in our experiences if we are skilled enough to realize what nature is trying to say. Nature gives us messages and we need to understand those in order to grow. We, as superior creature,s are nature! We need to understand and realize the certainty of nature.


Isn’t it ridiculous that we are nature but we are trying to separate ourselves from nature? No, it is never going to happen! We have to form a horizontal relationship with nature and nature means not only greenery and mountains and flowers etc. but nature also includes us. Logics and rationality cannot solve each and every issue; rather it is the realization that can cooperate with rationality. Nature speaks, talks to us and we have to listen and realize! 

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