Watch out for the Self-Medication of Antibiotics! It Might be a Threat to your Health

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The usage of antibiotic has become so common that people don’t even think twice before taking it or prescribing it to someone they know. Today, I heard someone saying, “Oho! Tmhare bachy ko fever hai? Augmentin ka syrup pila do 2 chamchy”. I mean common guys, it’s a damn antibiotic, why the heck are you risking the life of your kid at such a small age? Stop being your own specialist. Please!

Anyways, coming to the point. First off, this is not a usual over the counter medicine that you take every 6 to 8 hours without prescription. Secondly, antibiotic is a special class of medicines the utilization of which should follow the formula of right i.e, right time, right dose, right route of administration. A minor mistake can put you in a real problem and allow resistant (stronger) strains to attack you. Antibiotics should only be taken IF PRESCRIBED.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Here in our typical desi families, everyone is less bothered about the after effects of any particular medication they are taking. Sometimes, our dear physicians take the advantage of the trust a patient has in them and prescribe a bunch of useless antibiotics (in that particular disease). For instance, I have seen patients with viral illnesses being prescribed antibiotics. You need to understand the role of pharmacist here, we study more about drugs than an MBBS doctor, trust us for your medicines.

Providing you with some more information, antibiotics have nothing to do with VIRAL ILLNESSES, these antibiotics are anti-bacterial. They are meant to eradicate bacterial infections from your body, not any viral or fungal infection. Every infection does not need an antibiotic.

Wrapping up the session, I would recommend you to stay away from antibiotics as much as you can. Because it’s excessive and irrational use is increasing the risks of new and stronger bacterial infections. At least don’t self-medicate your self.

Stay healthy.

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