Sehar Shinwari At It Again! Accuses These Two Activists As Anti-State!

Sehar Shinwari At It Again! Accuses These Two Activist As Anti-State Amid PTV Scandal

sehar shinwari accuses activist anti-state

Recently a shocking discovery came to light where an actress Sehar Shinwari accuses PTV’s Producer of offering her to sleep with him in exchange for a role in a soap opera.

According to the actress, the producer sacked her because she refused to sleep with the producer. The lady further states that she had signed a contract of soap opera with PTV.

Now the actress is again in the limelight accusing two other people of very a different crime.

As Sehar took to twitter to call out the accused producer, Twitterati began raising voice against the alleged incident. One twitter user tweeted out to Marvi Sirmed and Nighat Dad asking them to help expose the one responsible.

The user only wanting to help tagged the social media activist got a response which for him was very unexpected.

Sehar responded;

Both the females tagged are social media activists, with a strong following and are supporters of the Aurat March & “mera jisam meri marzi” movement.

Both the ladies have yet to respond to the “Anti-state” accusation.


The tweet against the accused producer has thus gained momentum where people are coming out in support of Sehar and demanding an inquiry against the matter.

In only a day the tweet had managed to gather 645 Retweets and 1.8K Likes on twitter.

The accused producer Rumi and PTV have yet to release a statement over the whole matter.


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