Security Guard Opens Fires In Park To Stop Kids From Playing Football - Public Makes Him Football Later

Security Guard Opens Fires In Park To Stop Kids From Playing Football – Public Makes Him Football Later

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Aren’t security guards supposed to be protecting lives and properties? Even though security guards do not classify as law enforcement officers, they do shoulder a certain level of responsibility. However, there are many instances of them abusing that responsibility. A recent incident is just another story of how a security guard misuses his power.

What else could be more incriminating evidence of a society rolling on the edge of chaos than when those who are supposed to protect the citizens harm them? Be it the policemen, military personnel, airport security staff, or even the lawyers, the authority wielded by persons in uniforms is often abused.

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Uniforms are meant to distinguish a person’s rank or position. Nonetheless, in addition to the control they may exercise, does it also empower the ones wearing them to step beyond their assigned jurisdictions and assert it in a way that can be hostile to respectable citizens? 

A recent such incident came to the fore where a uniformed security guard of a park in Karachi stopped kids from playing football by opening fire and scaring them off. Does that even make any sense? Of course, not. It is simply an abuse of power.

Watch the security opening fire for no reason

Having none of it, the public gathered and beat up the security guard for scaring off children. Aren’t parks supposed to be a safe place for kids to run around and play? What was he even thinking? The stupid guard ended up becoming a football himself, kicked and beaten by the public.

Football in flesh and bones? Let’s take a look at it

Opening fire with kids, and general public around for no reason at all is not at all acceptable. Anybody could have gotten hurt. Amidst the worsening security conditions of Pakistan, every new dawn brings up a more brutal case of inhumanity.

Previously, another such show came upfront when an influential political personality’s security guards brutally beat a young boy in Karachi.

However, it must be noted that it not only those donning uniform abuse their power. There also incidences of citizens shoving their power in the face of those uniformed. Recently, a spoilt brat slapped a security guard of a mall for not opening the barrier before its opening time.

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