Meet A Pakistani Security Guard Who Works Entire Day Under Sun Wearing Polyester Uniform

Meet A Pakistani Security Guard Who Works Entire Day Under Sun Wearing Polyester Uniform

As the mercury is rising every day, it has become a difficult job for the people who are working outdoors. Still, in Pakistan, some poor people have to perform their duties to feed their children regardless of any climatic condition. In addition, some heartless people make their lives even more difficult.

Here’s a story of a security guard who performs the 12-hour duty in the scorching sun. The local tabloid Daily Pakistan reached out to this security guard in Lahore who tells everyone about how they are obliged to perform their duties in this tough weather.

He said he has to wear the polyester uniform and leather shoes in this scorching sun, otherwise, their bosses impose fine on him. This poor man who works in minimal salary doesn’t have any other option to follow the pathetic rules. He is getting skin allergy due to the heavy uniform and arms and ammunition, but he is not allowed to relax or even loosen up his shirt.

“If we don’t wear these shoes we will be fine Rs 500. If we don’t wear this cap or try to open the front shirt buttons we will be fine Rs 200 and Rs 100 respectively. We get Rs 17000 as a salary and our expense is more than that,” he said. Also, he is living far away from his family for this job and visits them once a month sometimes.

Be human!

The authorities who are responsible to supervise these people should care for them and take care of their basic needs. They are also humans and deserve to be treated humanly. Where people complain about this harsh weather sitting in fully air-conditioned offices should also realize the pain of these people who actually work for hard-earned money.

For the security guards who are required to perform patrol outside of the building, allow sunglasses in order to protect their eyes.  You don’t need to provide water bottles for every day, but consider putting some in a cooler for the guard on exceptionally hot days.

We understand that people do live without AC but they should be provided with at least some flexibility to survive this harsh weather. The heatwave kills hundreds of people every year. Everyone needs to take the required precaution to survive this heatwave.


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