Security Guard In Islamabad Sets Example Of Honesty By Returning Wallet To Owner!

Security Guard Returns Wallet

Lately, Pakistan has incurred cases of murder, rape, robbery, and whatnot. Today, a story that overwhelmed everyone’s heart with joy and an example of honesty was set for others to follow.

Currently, attracting a large audience on social media is the amazing story of a security guard from Islamabad. Greed indeed destroys a human, ruins the sanity and drives to do unethical things.

However, this story will lighten up your mood and will definitely restore your faith in humanity.

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A security guard in Islamabad returns a wallet full of money!

If you found a wallet with 21,000 rupees cash, credit cards, and other precious belongings, what would you do?

If you’re as nice as I’m thinking of you, you will probably try to contact the person and give them their belonging. Some might even guard it with their life.

As reported on twitter, a lady had visited the glorious Safa Gold Mall in Islamabad and for some uncertain reason, she couldn’t find her wallet. Maybe she misplaced it or dropped it, God knows, the details are yet to come.

Appreciating the security guard, the owner then took to Twitter to share the overwhelming experience. She wrote that the wallet had 21,000 rupees along with all her credit cards and details. Luckily, an elderly guard, working at the parking of Safa Gold Mall had found her wallet and kept it safe with him.

However, when the lady returned and acquired about the wallet, she was left astonished on getting her belongings back safely. The way everything was in position proves that the security had not even gone through her stuff.

Nonetheless, this is how good people of Pakistan are, such stories should be covered on an international level to portray the actual picture of Pakistan.

Positivity breeds happiness!

In a world of chaos, it is hard to find solace and feel at peace. But when we read such stories and meet good people, who help others selflessly, they deserve every ounce of appreciation for their honesty.

The elderly man, who returned her wallet safely must have issues of his own, probably he might’ve thought about his own needs. But he, instead of keeping himself first, returned the wallet to its rightful owner.

Security Guard Returns Wallet

The Art of Manliness

Most of us, don’t even stop when we hear a scream or a cry, thinking that we would only make it worse or that is not our problem.

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To be honest, if someone gets hurt and you know about it, it already is your problem. We should train ourselves to help others in need even if the person in need is a mere stranger.

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