Secret Revealed: Modi Was Responsible For Facebook Breakdown!

Reportedly Facebook was down yesterday for well over an hour or two, this breakdown followed the Indian prime ministers visit to Facebook headquarters on Sunday. We believe that the Facebook breakdown was due to post Narendra Modi stress, Facebook workers were unable to cope with the backlash caused by the Indian prime minister’s visit. Here are some of the reasons the Facebook malfunction could have taken place.

1. Mark Zuckerberg’s Broken Ribs

Modi has an uncouth fondness to give grown men unreciprocated and inappropriate bear hugs


2. Zuckerberg’s Bruised Arm Or Ego

Hut Oye mujhay tasveer lainee hai

3. Sanitizer Overload

Protesters sent Zuckerberg ample bottles of hand sanitizer telling him that he needs to wash the blood of his hands after his meeting with Modi, one of those bottles could have leaked into main frame at FB headquarters.


4. Flooding At Facebook Headquarters

Due to Modi’s over zealous display of emotion his tears ended up flooding FB headquarters and causing the two hour long breakdown



5. Chai Walay Ke Inspiration

Zuckerberge was inspired by Modi’s do it your self attitude and his humble past hence he wanted to start fixing things around FB Headquarters himself.


6. Digital India

Or FB might just be trying to match standards with the Digital India project Modi has prophesied about


 Note: This is a piece of satire and written for fun only.

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