These 8 Celebrities Reveal their Deepest Secrets that No One Knew before

These 8 Celebrities Reveal their Deepest Secrets that No One Knew before

Looking at the massive fan following these Pakistani celebrities have, we must say that you’ll not be disappointed to see the list of celebrities and their hidden secrets.

1. Asim Azhar


Asim Azhar revealed in his interview that he is the only child of his mother but he has step-siblings too. He calls his stepmother ‘Bari Ammi’ and real mother ‘Choti Ammi’. He also said that there is no difference in both Asim and his elder brother. Their family is like a unit and they love each other. Asim’s brother is also a musician.

2. Ali Zafar


When Ali Zafar’s first song “Channo ki Aankh” released in the year 2003, Ali’s younger brother Danyal Zafar was a student of 3rd standard in school. Ali is 13 years older than his younger brother Danyal. Now, Danyal is 24-years-old an Ali is 37-years-old now.

3. Sanam Jung


Now known as the most loved morning show host, Sanam is a loving and beautiful actress and host. Sanam recently opened a clothing line for her sister by the brand name Anum Jung.

4. Shamoon Abbasi

It’s true that Shamoon and Anoushe Abbasi are sibling and kids of Zubair Abbasi late, but actually, Anoushe comes from Shamoon’s Dads’ second wife. Shamoon’s real mother used to live in Dubai.

5.  Feroze Khan


Humaima revealed in one of her interviews that her brother Feroz was once a chubby guy but he shed so many pounds to look like a perfect hero. During their childhood, Humaima’s best buddy was her brother Feroz.

6. Nazia Hassan


Zohaib Hassan said in his interview that he never knew about Nazia’s cancer. His family was shocked when they got to know that Nazia was on the last stage of cancer. Hassan said that he will never forgive her sister Nazia for not telling him about cancer. Even after so many years have passed, Hassan still feels the pain of losing his sister in such dreadful way.

7. Sajal Ali


Sajal, one of the most beautiful and versatile actor, has won everyone’s heart by her acting. Sajal has played every role; a sweet and calm girl who is patient even after facing all the odds in life and on the other hand, she is all set to take her rights back by hook or by crook. Sajal is financially supporting her brother to pursue higher education in Australia and she has been supporting her family from the start of her career.

8. Aiman & Minal

In their interview, they both told the host how they are not allowed for a night stay at their friend’s house. But they can call their friends over and have a party. They further told how Aiman, having a busy schedule, can’t bring her mom any gifts so, she gives Manal’s gift to her mom.

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