A Group Of Friends Decide To Congratulate Their Friend On His ‘Secret Nikkah’ In The Most Unpredictable Way!

Weddings are not easy and getting married to the one you love… Uh-uh. Usually, the families are happy and agreed to the fact that both the bride and groom are suitable for each other by the set rules of both families. But not many people are lucky enough! When we talk about love marriages and strict marriage rules of families; there are cases where families never agree upon the likings of their kid. Hence, in such situations, people opt for options like secret marriage. In such cases, a marriage is least likely to happen.

So, with not much halla gulla, such people get married and live happily ever after. But this doesn’t seem the case with this couple. A guy from Lahore got married secretly to the love of his life and to his utter surprise, his friends congratulated him in the most shocking manner possible!


Yes, you read it right! They did post it in the news and congratulated Mr.Raja on his “secret wedding” and bajo-fyed his baja! This news must have broken a lot of ribs. Some from the family and some from the friends. Well, this is an alarming situation in which people should really consider the reality that if some “friends” are worth telling the secret or not. Well, it doesn’t seem the case here, nah nah!

Do you guys know anyone who has married secretly or is planning to do so? Tag them and expose them as well. To see the real fun begin!

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