Scottish Vlogger Called Out For Publicly Shaming Seaview Horsemen & Exploiting Their Misery

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Darakhshan police on Saturday detained three horsemen on allegations of misbehaving with and trying to defraud a YouTube vlogger from Scotland, Dale Philip, at Karachi’s Seaview beach. Meanwhile, the internet calls out the vlogger for exploiting the incident and humiliating the poor horsemen.

The horsemen were taken into custody after Philip uploaded a video of the incident on his YouTube and also shared it on Twitter. The video went viral on social media.

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The now-viral video starts with Philip and the horsemen agreeing on a ride to Chunky Munky, an amusement park located alongside the beach, for Rs200. However, when the ride starts, Philip observes that they were heading in the opposite direction.

While on the horse, one of the horsemen, who is riding along with Philip, communicates to him that it was a “long ride” to Chunky Munky and avoids giving a definite answer when Philip asks him how much it would cost.

When Philip reminds him that they had agreed on Rs200 for a ride, the horsemen eventually tells him that it will take 20 trips to reach Chunky Munky. Philip is then seen repeatedly asking the horseman to stop so that he can get off the horse but is ignored.

Upon eventually returning to the spot from where they had started, the horseman demands that Philip pays them Rs5,000. Philip, however, refuses to pay the amount. Police confirmed these details and said the detained horsemen were identified as Jehanzeb, Maqsood, and Ahsanullah.

“My first real negative experience in Karachi. 99pc of people there are good but eventually, I had to run into some criminals,” tweeted Philip along with the video.

Original tweet:

Philip posted a photo of one of the horsemen behind bars and said, “He tried to earn a living by cheating people, but now he’s living behind metal bars thanks to Karachi Police.”

“Hopefully, he learns there’s no need to cheat foreign tourists. Most will give extra payment if they were shown a good experience and treated in an honest way,” he added.

Police said the suspect had later apologized.

Many social media users have questioned Philip over his public humiliation of the horseman, as well as his use of the incident for his vlog, which has been viewed over 470,000 times since it was posted.

Twittersphere calls out the foreign vlogger

It must be noted that this is the second time such an incident has occurred. Earlier this month, an Australian vlogger, Luke Damant, uploaded a video on his YouTube in which a horseman was seen trying to defraud him in a similar manner as in Philip’s case, leading to his arrest as well.

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