Scientific Ways To Find Out If People Think You Are Hot!

  One of the biggest mysteries of our lives is how people see us, we spend a huge amount of time and mental energy wondering if the people around us find us attractive. We slave over our people skills, our waistlines, our skin and hair just to make sure people are pleased with us.

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This New Study Can Help You Understand How People See You

A new study has shown that people think about themselves in a very different way than they think about other people. They tend to scrutinize themselves very closely, much more closely than they examine the actions or appearance of others.


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This is due to the fact you have a huge amount of information about yourself, far more than you have about other people. You know if you’ve put on weight recently, or if you look tired today.

Comments About The Study

“We’re experts about ourselves, and others aren’t. That makes it hard for us to understand what we look like in the eyes of others,” Epley (founder of the study) says.


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Epley argues that the gap between the fine level of detail with which we perceive ourselves and the more abstract way in which they perceive others is the reason we are so critical of ourselves.

How It Works!


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The key to figuring out what other people think about you is to distance yourself from all the information you have on the topic i.e seeing yourself through a stranger’s eyes. 

How To Implement The Research

Research has found that the passage of time helps people to view their own appearance or actions much more justly.





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If you see a photo or a video of yourself from yesterday, you might judge it harshly. But when you see a photo of yourself from months or years ago, you evaluate it with a fresh pair of eyes, more like a stranger would.

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