Scientific Shairi – Pakistani Twitter’s Creativity At Its Best

Once upon a time the twitter users from Pakistan decided to trend Scientific Shairi. A trend that included ashaar in scientific terms. It got trended pretty quickly and was considered as one of the best trends on Pakistani Twitter and rightly so.

Here are some of the most hilarious tweets from that trend that will still make you laugh.

1. When Himesh Reshammiya meets science.

2. We like puppies.

3. This one is tragic! 

4. Ah! winter and the dry skin…

5. Viruses and Bacteria

6. Shia Sunni brotherhood – in the light of science.

7. Yes Yes! possessiveness and chemistry 

8. Jani ain club das tere ki iraday?

9. Lambi judai….

10. Wide Balls and Salts- Perfect Combo 

11. Elbows should be appreciated more often. 

12. Newton and Seduction. 

13. Houston we have a problem!!

14. True that…

So these were some of the most creative jokes in this trend. This wasn’t end, go to twitter and search this hashtag. They will make your day!

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