Private Schools Reject Sindh Govt’s Notification On Fees Concession

Private Schools Reject Sindh Government's Orders

All Sindh Private Schools Association has announced to challenge in court a directive of the Sindh government to give 20% concession in tuition fees to students in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. The provincial order also applies to private schools across Sindh.

Last week, social media was flooded with posts of parents who were angry at schools for demanding 3-months fees in advance. Since the coronavirus lockdown has completely paralyzed the business situation, the insensitive approach of schools wasn’t appreciated.

Here’s the official notification released by the authorities

Private Schools Reject Sindh Government's Orders



On the orders of Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani, the Directorate of Inspection and Registration of Private Institutions Sindh (Dirpis) on Tuesday made it compulsory for private schools to grant a 20% concession in tuition fee. The decision is taken to assists parents affected by the lockdown in the current coronavirus pandemic, the statement said.

Certainly, the Sindh government’s tireless efforts in providing solace in such crucial times deserve appreciation.

Private Schools in Sindh turning down the orders

Despite the issuance of ‘necessary’ orders, Sindh Private Schools Association has completely rejected the decision. On the issue, the association Chairman Haider Ali revealed that the orders of Education Minister Saeed Ghani will be challenged in the court. Moreover, Haider Ali said that private schools are already providing 10% free education to the students.

“Private schools in Sindh teach approximately 3.3 million students. They are already charging a reduced fee, they cannot reduce it more. We will challenge the government order that stipulates schools offer a 20% reduction in fees,” he said.

Private Schools Reject Sindh Government's Orders

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However, in case any school fails to comply with the released orders, parents can lodge their complaints at 0333-2343148, 0333-3932441 and 0333-7036425. Not only this but the number of Directorate of Private Institutions, Sindh was also given out for complaints, 021-9921-7490. It was indeed a huge relief for parents as the private schools are literally sucking the parent’s blood to make money.

Punjab government incurring the same issue

The development in Sindh came a day after a similar decision was revealed by the Punjab Minister for Schools Education Dr. Murad Raas. Moreover, the minister also directed the schools to not fire any teaching staff as the situation gets worse. However, the private school association of Punjab has also rejected the orders.

Private Schools Reject Sindh Government's Orders

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The coronavirus cases have surpassed 4,000 confirmed cases in Pakistan and the numbers are still increasing. In this uncertain situation, private schools minting money out of parents’ misery should be stopped.

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