Pakistan’s Elite Schools May Introduce Masks Which Students Will Buy Along With Uniform

Elite Schools logo masks Covid-19

As the global pandemic rages havoc in Pakistan, many sectors of the Pakistani economy are envisioning the virus as a business opportunity. Although, that does sound like a rather, weird, and disturbing notion; we have come to see the best and worst of mankind in these very few months.

While students were crying and feeling burdened with the dilemma of online classes. Many school administrations are coming up with another idea to extract more money out of parents. Initially, the burden would usually be due to the heavy course outline and books, then stationary. But now with the pandemic on the rise, the elite schools of Pakistan are thinking of taking it up a notch.

Well! We don’t have to go in that detail now, do we? However, elite schools or Pakistan have been doing quite a business by extracting money from parents for a long time. May it be in the form of school course books, examination fees, online classes, or the entire uniform. Parents are facing an extreme dilemma and frustration is at its peak. They want to make sure that their child gets the best education, but illogical limitations are becoming quite troubling for almost everyone.

Elite schools introduce school logo masks for students

Now, before you guys get all jittery and nervous what these elite schools have done now! We would like to assure you. It isn’t much, these schools have just given a lot of consideration; by introducing a new accessory in the school uniform, as per people on social media.

A school logo mask! That’s right! You guys read correctly. It is mandatory for parents to purchase the ‘School logo’ mask because if they wear any other, the chances of God forbid extracting the virus become far more probable. And our dear schools want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, or they might lose the fees of one student- oh sorry we mean, their beloved student might be ill.

Twitter reacts to the ‘school logo masks’

What we fear the most is the time when students and parents both might withdraw completely from education, due to the fear of financial burdens. In addition, we also fear a time when educational institutions might stop educating completely and start focusing completely on the finances they are receiving.

While some people on Twitter find the idea of these masks as something incredibly ironic and funny, others are furious and outrageous at the notion.

Although the banter and debate whether these masks represent welfare and goodness, or if they are a scheme are still unknown, the irony isn’t lost on anyone that the school mafia is up to no good. All we can hope for is that perhaps, the lockdown has given the administration a little time to self-reflect and think with a clear conscience.

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